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Let Our Professionals Help

A financial professional is better to have sooner rather than later. As your life evolves, your needs may change. You may get married. You may have children. You may advance in your career… and your financial professional will be there every step of the way to ensure that you stay protected while keeping up with these exciting changes. What matters most to us, is protecting what matters most to you.
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Life Insurance

The foundation of financial security

The Piedmont Group offers insurance advisement for both individuals and businesses, including those who are just beginning their journey. With total transparency, our team will help you understand what kind of insurance you may need, as well as determining the right amount and type of coverage - all while staying within your budget.

Protecting your loved ones with the right amount and the right type of life insurance is a responsible, but most importantly, a caring act - again, especially if you're just starting out.

Thinking about our mortality isn't enjoyable for most, so you may have avoided purchasing life insurance or you may not own the right amount of coverage. While this is common (and understandable), it could result in financial hardships for your family should the worst happen.

It's At The Heart Of What We Do

Our Basic Financial Strategy program includes Insurances Analysis & Review, as well as our Basic investing Strategies & Analysis. Your financial professional will walk you through each step, one-by-one, to help you set goals and plan the best path to achieve them.

Research Matters.

There are no shortcuts to good portfolio design. We work with our investment manager researchers to enhance our information to build an edge when performing our manager selection process. This means, we pay extra special attention to:

  • Manager Costs
  • Manager Investment in their Fund
  • Corporate Stewardship

Plan To Protect

Most hard-working individuals believe it is important to leave something behind for those they care about. Thankfully, life insurance offers a flexible and efficient way to ensure you leave behind a financial legacy.

Basic Types of Life Insurance

There are two basic types of life insurance: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. For some, a combination of the two is best. Confused? Don't worry! Your financial professional can help you understand the benefits that each type of policy offers, as well as which coverage is right for you.

"We believe that investing alongside a plan is the best way for our clients to achieve the outcome that they want to achieve."

Waiting Can Cost You

As they say, "never put off until tomorrow what you can do today."

We all know too well that most people wait to put plans into action, even when they know that delaying is not in their own best interest. Truth is: buying the right amount and the right type of life insurance early in life may offer substantial long-term benefits. Keep in mind, life insurance premiums increase as you get older. Not only that, if you develop a medical condition that worsens over time, your premiums may be higher or you may not be able to get coverage. These are things you can avoid.

Be Sure To Ask The Right Questions

Approaching topics like life insurance can be intimidating, unless you have a friendly team of consultants who are ready to answer all the questions you have.

Q How much insurance is the right amount?

Everyone’s life insurance needs are unique, that’s why we take an individualized approach when determining just how much insurance you truly need. A great rule of thumb: most clients like to be certain they have enough coverage to pay off debts, provide a college education to their children, and income for their families in their absence.

Q Which type of insurance is right for me?

There are a plethora of options to fit every individual situation. Our knowledgeable consultants can educate you on these choices and assist in choosing a product that's right for you.

Q What insurance company is the right fit for me?

Choosing a strong insurance company that has withstood the test of time is important in both short and long term, and our financial advisors are ready to help you decide which company is best for you.

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